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What is Taniko?

Tāniko (or taaniko) is a traditional weaving technique of the Māori of New Zealand related to “twining”. It may also refer to the resulting bands of weaving, or to the traditional designs.

The tāniko technique does not require a loom, although one can be used. Traditionally free hanging warps were suspended between two weaving pegs and the process involved twining downward. The traditional weaving material is muka, fibre prepared from the New Zealand flax (Phormium tenax) by scraping, pounding and washing. The muka fibre was dyed using natural dyes.

Why is this site called taniko?

Tāniko is an easy to remember word in many languages. Being a woven fabric you could see it as a reference to the ‘fabric we are weaving’ with this collection of sites.

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